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Lakeside cleaning will adhere to the Public health of Canada guidelines and local guidelines on Covid-19 Cleaning &Disinfecting Procedures.

Cleaners Requirements

• All Cleaners must have mask on at all time

• All cleaners must wear gloves

• All cleaners must have the PPE gown on before the start of a shift

• All cleaners must be Covid-19 screened before coming to work

Workplace requirements

• Using Approved disinfectants on hard surfaces.

• Disinfect by removing germs, dirt’s &impurities by using soap &detergent

• Cleaner’s must wash hand with soap &water or use alcohol-based sanitizer after removing gloves

• Use damp clothes methods

• Do not dust or sweep in away to avoid spreading virus into the air.

• All used cleaning items are placed in a Lined garbage bin before disposing of the with regular waste.

• The reusable clothes must be washed with soap and warm water

• Cleaners will ensure that the surfaces that are frequently touched with hands should be cleaned and disinfect often

• Cleaners must ensure shared spaces are cleaned and disinfected as often

For more information, please visit the Government of Canada covid-19 screening website.